The Best Tools to Generate Stellar Content

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Growing your business online is hard work and so is growing your presence on social media. Email marketing and blog writing are amazing marketing tactics to share your content on. Curating content to share requires a hefty amount of research. And yes, sometimes it is hard to think of new and exciting topics to talk on. Today we will tell you about some very helpful content marketing tools to take advantage of. We will talk about a few sites to find new and reliable content daily, tell you where to store these articles to reference from any device and finally,  we’ll cover what applications to use to schedule your content to share with your audience.

Curating Content

There is an endless amount of content available right at our fingertips than ever before. But not all websites provide the same amount of published content on a consistent stream. It doesn’t matter what field you are in. It is vital to stay up to date with the latest and greatest information. Below are a few of our favorite websites to do that.

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Zest is an amazing application to take advantage of. Currently, it is only available on a desktop. It’s more than a content sharing platform. Marketers use it to follow each other, see the content they suggested, saved and of course shared. You can personalize your feed and your content through the use of marketing tags. Discover the best of the best through Zest. Search through their database of published articles, audio, and video. You have the ability to organize your feed. Group them by shared content, clicked or by recently published.


Content discovery and research must be one of your passions in your chosen field. Without it, you will fall behind when your competition is forging ahead. With so much information available across the web. Everyone needs a way to discover the most compelling content that supports their business. Use Mix as your next content marketing tool to do just that. Mix provides a modern and elegant way to discover the best content liked by your friends and influencers. Their mission is to deliver personalized recommendations for free.


BrandMentions is an amazing resource to incorporate into your content research strategies. They focus on skimming through the internet looking for all mentions about anyone or anything. We know you will be quiet surprised at what they have to offer. Use BrandMentions to track brand and media monitoring. Other features include competitor spying, reputation management, and web and social listening. It’s an indispensable tool for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Their pricing plans start at $49/ month. Remember, this is an investment in your business’ success.

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Storing Content

Now that you have discovered some amazing platforms to find valuable content on. You’ll have to figure out where to save them and then where to find them again. That’s the hard part. Gone are the days of being unorganized. Thank goodness for these programs below! At any given moment you can find your saved articles in one simple location, whether it’s on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Here’s another tip: group your articles into similar topics to be located faster.


Pocket is a clever application and easy to use. It is available for use on your phone, tablet, and desktop. Because you never know when you will need to use content years from now. Pocket’s Premium plan is a Permanent Library for $5/ month. It keeps a personal backup of all the articles and web pages you save. They are accessible even if the original page changes online.

Google Docs

At SoVerve we love and use all these applications we have talked about today. GSuite for Business has a special place in our hearts for many reasons. This platform offers many features. It’s worth your time investing in this application. We sleep well knowing that Google has our most sacred documents protected at all times. Google’s Business Plan offers an enhanced office suite. Including unlimited storage and archiving capabilities for a mere $10/ month. Use code: Y9GNEUMNY3N9X4L for an additional discount.

The Best Tools to Generate Stellar Content - SoVerve Marketing Group

Scheduling Content

Content marketing tools have advanced over the years. We mentioned earlier some of the more reliable platforms to research new content. We gave you some great tips on where you can store this content to reference at a later time. Now we’ll focus our attention on how to you can share this valuable content with your audience. To stay at the forefront of your audience’s mind, consistency is key. The only way to actually stay true to this concept is to embrace the practice of scheduling your content. There are many programs available to use.


Schedule and share your content to all your social media platforms. Attract new followers and boost your traffic. Not only can you schedule your posts. You can use its platform as a one-stop-shop to engage with your Instagram audience. Their analytics feature will track your success. Integrate this platform with other applications you are currently using. Planoly offers a variety of plans. At SoVerve we use Buffer in-house, but do recommend Planoly for smaller teams or for marketing accounts with a high focus on Instagram as a stand-alone platform. It is also inexpensive which is why it is one of our favorite content marketing tools.


Missinglettr has quickly become one of our favorite tools here at SoVerve headquarters. In such a short amount of time, many of our clients have seen a massive return on signing up for the service through our Content Marketing packages. The gist of Missinglettr is quite simple, with it you will be able to automate your blog content via social media campaigns through the course of an entire year. This makes the service invaluable to us and our many content marketing accounts. We recommend it and encourage you to check it out! With monthly plans starting at $10/ month, you cannot go wrong!

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the most recognized for its amazing automated marketing features. It also offers a landing page builder and a newsletter campaign builder. There is no better way to share valuable information than by creating weekly or monthly newsletters. Whether you are selling products, sharing some big news, or telling a story, you own your email list. Take advantage of creating your own campaigns that best suit your message. Active Campaign integrates with all the major e-commerce providers. Use your purchase data to send personalized campaigns and understand how your marketing will affect your bottom line. They also offer a few plans. We recommend that you start using a lower-tier plan, at first.

Generating Stellar Content

We hope you have learned something new from this post. We have provided you with so many helpful applications. Use these content marketing tools to research new articles, videos, and images. Store them in a single location for quick access. Schedule and share them on your social media platforms. There are more content ideas than you’ll ever be able to create.

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