Spring Email Re-Engagement Ideas

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We love the feeling when spring is finally in the air. Both personally and professionally, it’s a chance to take a fresh look at things, reevaluate our goals, and step things up a gear. Perhaps you’ve been a bit slack on your email list over the winter (no judgment!), or maybe people have inbox fatigue; now’s the time to address that.

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Along with blooming tulips and lighter jackets, a spring email re-engagement campaign also offers the perfect opportunity to boost your email list in preparation for any year-end campaigns. This is important no matter your industry, as it’s a time when everyone is feeling revitalized and getting ready for a new start – so why not tap into that readiness to re-engage with the world?

It’s important to remember that having a lot of subscribers to your newsletters and emails isn’t merely a box to be ticked. You want those subscribers to open your email (at the very least!) and then interact with it somehow. In your springtime marketing boost, don’t forget your email marketing.

Here we’ve got some shiny new spring email re-engagement campaign ideas for your email newsletter to help you start your favorite season with new energy!

Give Subscribers a Present

Yup, nothing says ‘you’re important to us’ as a discount or giveaway! Whether it’s a percentage off their next purchase, free delivery on their order, or an extension of a service trial, email campaigns with a clear benefit to your customers or clients will always get great results.

Don’t be too obvious about it, though. No one wants to feel like they’re being bought, even though everyone loves to save a bit of money! A friendly, personal email newsletter that draws their attention to your offer is the best approach. Frame it as a springtime perk, and people will be tempted to return to your site.

Show Them Something New

If it’s been a while since your subscribers engaged with your email marketing, they might not know what new services or product ranges have recently arrived. Send emails about your spring collections or courses you’ve introduced for the new season with an easy-to-follow link.

Re-engagement campaigns based around the new are a great way of piquing people’s interest and making them feel like they’re in on something special. Phrase your email to show that your subscribers have an advantage and exclusivity that others don’t – that’s how you’ll get lasting engagement.

Loyalty Programs

Some say you can’t put a price on loyalty. When it comes to marketing, we’d have to agree. Most of your revenue will come from a minority of your customers – a loyalty program is a no-brainer. Engagement campaigns offering extra loyalty points are guaranteed to win if your business strategy involves points and bonuses.

It will re-entice inactive subscribers and help turn them into repeat customers, offering them a clear incentive to buy from you – other than your superior product or service, of course!

Speak to Your Relationship

It’s not always about the money; we all know that. Increasingly, consumers want to make conscious purchases from brands they trust. For you, this means your email campaigns need to build a relationship with subscribers rather than endlessly offer discounts. Write your copy carefully to make it personalized, encouraging, and appropriate.

The critical thing here is, as always: to know your audience. You need to understand their needs and desires and their voice. If they’re a younger or ‘less serious’ demographic, use humor in your emails and newsletters; if they’re professionals, highlight how your service will help them get ahead. We always tell you that your marketing and content need to be tailored for your target market – it’s no different for your email campaigns!

1 | A picture speaks a thousand words

Whenever you can show it, don’t tell it. Sure, emails are about the words, but no one wants to open up a message that’s merely a massive block of text; there are few things more likely to make them click ‘delete’ (we’ve all been there!).

Whatever approach you take for your spring email re-engagement campaign, think about whether you can illustrate it with an appealing image or an animated gif. Again, know your audience. For example, if you’re in the travel industry, your customers will be enticed by a quality photo of a beautiful destination. If you’re trying a win-back email, how about an adorable puppy?

2 | It’s all in the subject line

Of course, none of these ideas will get you anywhere if people aren’t even opening your emails! An attractive subject line is a must. Avoid words like ‘free,’ ‘urgent,’ or anything else that might trigger spam filters; instead, aim for a personalized subject line that makes the recipient think that there’s worthwhile content inside (which there will be, of course!).

Why not share something of your strategy with your loyal customer base by referencing springtime in the subject? That way, they’ll be included in your optimistic outlook on the new season!

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