Affordable SMS, Expertly Delivered 

*Starting Rate for SMS Marketing Services: $199USD

*Additional fees may apply for third-party providers such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

*SMS Marketing Services is offered as an add-on to our Email Marketing Services.

When we designed our marketing menu many years ago, SMS was not the priority in today’s landscape. Times have changed, and SMS now reigns supreme along with custom Email Marketing strategies that can catapult a brand’s promotional objectives and sales goals. The always-brilliant Neil Patel best described the importance of text messages as follows:

“A text message is a much more intimate and immediate form of communication than email or social media, which makes SMS marketing a highly effective way to connect with customers and drive action.” – Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Influencer

At SoVerve Marketing Group, we offer SMS Marketing as an essential add-on service to our Email Marketing Services menu, which also pairs wonderfully with our Content Marketing Services. Below you will see the four main pillars (each of our services has twelve pillars total) that create the most well-rounded SMS essentials services for small businesses.

Our SMS Marketing Services Include:


Designing the esthetic elements of an SMS, including typography, color, layout, and images; used to enhance the message's impact.

SMS Copywriter

Craft persuasive and concise messages that effectively convey a message, promotion or engagement with an audience.


Guide customers through a series of strategic interactions and touchpoints through SMS, leading to a desired Calls-to-Action.


Create monthly/quarter calendar to aid the overview of the important marketing campaigns and events, along with key holiday promotions.

For local small businesses, SMS Marketing allows for the opportunity to reach customers directly, economically, and efficiently, using personalized messages that generate high open rates and can be used to promote time-sensitive offers, drive foot traffic, and build customer loyalty. As an agency, SoVerve Marketing Group also understands that SMS Marketing provides a cost-effective and measurable way to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly. This gives small businesses the win-win they deserve to compete in today’s fast-growing markets.

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