With more than 2.5 billion people actively using email daily, it goes without saying that email is still essential to the daily lives of consumers, small business owners, and in general, business decision-makers. This is why we created our email marketing services; to help you bridge the gap between your content, your services, and your ideal audience members.

If social media is the cocktail party, then email is the: “Let’s meet up for coffee.”

Too often, business owners assume online marketing includes online social media. However, with a robust email strategy and campaign, a small business owner can take advantage of a more personalized form of communication with their audience members. What email marketing does is that it provides a very personal platform for you to reach a very select group of people who already enjoy your content online. These individuals have opted into your mailing lists because they are curious about your brand. Therefore, tailoring a specific community style for this group of people has now become a little bit of a science.

Our Email Marketing Services Include:

Email Creation

Designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide valuable content, and relevant offers.

Email Strategy

Procedures identified to achieve desired marketing goals with email advertising.

Email Management

Managing every email used for sales, and promotions including managing email subscribers.

Email Sales Funnels

Educational and promotional email sequence a prospect enters to learn more a brand and a brand's offers.

Whether you are utilizing your email list to educate or sell to this audience, the logistics for achieving this start the same but end differently, our services and intensives will not only teach you #TheSoVerveWay of doing this, but we can also create and manage your campaigns for you. These services are part of our ongoing content marketing and management strategies content marketing and management.

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