Preventing Content Burnout

Content Marketing

Content creation can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of being an online entrepreneur. It’s how we connect with our audience, message our brand, and achieve success. However, when the dreaded content burnout hits, it happens to the best of us! – content marketing can become an overwhelming task.

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We want to be super-clear: there’s no shame in preventing content burnout. It doesn’t mean you’re failing; sometimes, it happens because we’re on top of our content creation. You know that at SoVerve, we think being consistent is fantastic; many of you will have heard or seen us promoting that approach.

However, when you’ve been working hard at something in a specific way over a long period, you might crack if something throws you off. People might not talk much about it, but it happens to the best of us.

Preventing Content Burnout in Content Creation

Our content marketing tips are typically about how to create more content. However, our team was so inspired by the recent content creation that we wanted to share what we learned. Read on for our three ways to prevent content burnout – plus a bonus tip at the end!

1 | Break up content into bite-sized chunks

The first way to prevent content burnout is to make life a little easier for yourself when planning your content marketing calendar. Develop a content pattern that allows you to break up content into different, smaller forms. Think of these as delicious ‘bite-sized’ chunks of content – more effortless for you to create and easier for your audience to consume!

For example, if you’re planning a blog post like a ‘Top 3 Tips’ or ‘5 Ideas For…’ and you know already it’s going to be a long one, why not split it into different sections? This way, rather than taking up a spot on your content calendar with a longer blog, you can divide it into several parts to fill it quickly.

A bonus? Staggering your content like this means your audience must keep returning for the next installment!

2 | Stick to your scope

This tip is vital for those of us who get passionate about projects. We’ve all been there: you sign on for specific content with a particular schedule and then gradually find yourself creating extra work.

In project management terms, this is called ‘scope creep,’ it can happen without you noticing. First, you’re doing a few extra bits as a favor; this becomes the norm. It might seem harmless, but this gradual creep of additional content burns you out. It’s vital to stay within the parameters you set for your clients or yourself (and even more crucial to define these parameters clearly at the start of a project!).

This is a lesson for life as well: learn to say no! To yourself and your clients, whenever you’re in situations that could lead to your content marketing outside your job scope. When you’re passionate about your work, you may want to help out, but your business must keep these instances to a minimum.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new project and want to say yes to everything, but you’ll end up exhausted, and your content will suffer. The last thing you want is to lose the joy in creation!

3 | Keep content evergreen

We’ve all felt like we’re on that hamster wheel of content creation, continually moving to create fresh content. The simplest way of getting yourself off that wheel – and therefore avoid content burnout – is to create content that stands the test of time.

This is what we mean when we talk about evergreen content; we want it to be consistently relevant and engaging. Having no timeline means old content can be easily re-shared with an audience without worrying about it expiring.

Here at SoVerve, we do a content refresh annually in case we need to include any new methods to expand on the concepts in that content. Then, whatever’s still inspiring us, we can re-share, knowing it’s not gone out of date.

This approach is less draining than always creating brand-new content. Plus, it gives you the space you need to take a breather, get off that hamster wheel, and get creative without any pressure. You’ll be amazed at how inspired you feel and how the quality of your content rockets!

Bonus Tip | Take a break

In recent years, we have learned one of the most valuable lessons for entrepreneurs: learn when to take a break.

A shorter break in the middle of the working day or a more extended vacation, hitting refresh gives you time and space to get your creative juices flowing again.

Breaking up your pattern of content creation also gives your audience a bit of a jolt, just as things are getting predictable. They feel more engaged with upcoming content because they don’t feel like they can anticipate everything you produce.

No one wants to fall prey to burnout, but it’s essential to recognize it and use these strategies to help avoid it. In doing so, you’ll find your passion again, so preventing content burnout is vital.

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