Marketing Tactics for Modern Mompreneurs

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Rewarding, intense, stressful, inspired. We could equally as easily apply these words to motherhood as we could owning a business, which is why mompreneurs are superheroes. Running your business and raising children is all-consuming, so doing both successfully requires passion and high skill in creating a work-life balance.

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Because it’s such a challenging career, we know that mompreneurs are grafting to make their businesses work with all the support we can give them. So, in honor of all the moms who are amazing entrepreneurs, we’re here to help with some of our top marketing tactics for modern mompreneurs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Heart

If you’re a mompreneur, you’ve got a passion for spades, so why not use this to create more personalized and engaging marketing content? Your love should be in your mission; your mission should shine through in all your marketing efforts. Sometimes people can feel nervous about showing too much of themselves in their marketing, but we firmly believe this boosts engagement.

Take advantage of platforms like Instagram Stories and Facebook videos to tell your clients and customers the story behind your company. What inspires you? What do you strive for? Demonstrate that yours is a business with a heart, and people will be keen to support it. So when mapping out your marketing content, start with your passion and work from there.

Maximize Your Resources

The chances are that, as a working mom, you already have a reliable network. Perhaps other parents you’ve met on the school run, your antenatal class crew, the gang of parents who go on trips together. These guys are not only great friends, but they’re also a built-in audience and market research group!

We don’t mean to use them for that, of course! But when planning marketing campaigns, it makes sense to utilize your pre-existing connections. This can result in excellent word-of-mouth marketing, bringing your company to a broader market. You also learn more about what people care about and can design marketing strategy accordingly. This is particularly important if your business was born from your parenting experience. Then you know that your parenting buddies will benefit from it, so you can tailor your marketing accordingly.

Embrace the Power of Email Marketing

In this world of fantastic marketing channels, with seemingly endless possibilities for social media marketing, email marketing can feel a little old-school. However, it could be one of your most important marketing tactics as a mompreneur. For one thing, it isn’t as all-consuming as social media marketing, with the pressure to post every day (if not more), so as a mom, it feels much more manageable in your busy life.

For another thing, it’s a great medium to forge a stronger connection with your customers or clients. We spoke already about how mompreneurs can leverage their passion for improving marketing, and email marketing is a great place to do this. It feels more direct and personal, and you can use it for much longer content that might not work on social media. When using email marketing, make sure it offers value and promotes your product or service – perhaps you are giving advice or tips, for example. People will also value it if you’re upfront with them, so don’t try and disguise a sales email as something else. Just make sure it contains more than sales!

Note that this marketing tip also applies to content marketing. A blog with valuable content will create an engaged community that trusts you.

Invest in Marketing

Let’s not sugar coat it – running your own business as a mother can be exhausting, and there are a lot of balls in the air. That’s why one of our top marketing tactics for mompreneurs is not a tactic but an important reminder: invest in your marketing. This can mean lots of different things. It could mean budgeting for paid advertising; it could act as a reminder for you to schedule a time for your marketing.

It could also mean that you hire team members to help you with your marketing. If you’re worried about budgets, this can seem impossible, but it’s one of your best investments. Experienced team members can work wonders on your marketing, and the return on investment could astonish you.

Be Consistent and Organized

We know you’re a mom, so you’re already super-organized. This ability you have to schedule who has soccer practice and who’s got a playdate, and who’s doing SAT prep (and get everyone home for dinner!) should be transferred to your marketing so that everything is mapped out. You can quickly outline months’ content in an hour, making your life a million times easier down the line, as there’s no need to panic-think of posts 5 minutes before they are due while you’re trying to make packed lunches!

Planning your marketing campaigns thoroughly in advance also ensures that your marketing efforts are consistent and cohesive. It allows you to align your marketing with prospective client’s needs and build a message people trust. And that’s what great marketing is about.

If you’re a mompreneur proving value daily for your kids and clients, utilize these marketing tactics to see rewards.

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