Authenticity and Instagram Engagement Success

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Social media has grown to become a vital asset in helping businesses sore to new heights. It has contributed to the success and influence of many companies both big and small. Today more than ever, it is vital for businesses of any size, to have a presence on social media to connect with their customers and potential buyers. Social media platforms will ensure you are speaking to your target audience. These platforms, like Instagram, allow you the opportunity to gain insight from your followers. Social media, as a whole, will give you a clear understanding of what is and is not working for your ideal audience base. You can learn what they love and what their pain points are. The information that you find can be used to create new material to encourage engagement amongst your followers; which can all lead to potential sales.

Listening to your followers is key to understanding their needs. If your conversation is only moving in one direction, your content may not be bringing value to those who follow you.Click To Tweet

Listening to your followers is key to understanding their needs. If your conversation is only moving in one direction, your content may not be bringing value to those who follow you. Authenticity is only accomplished by asking yourself the right questions. How is your audience learning from you on social media? And what kind of value are you providing them? Are you sharing the right proportionate amount of information about your brand? And what does your brand value the most? Authenticity is the foundation of any business. Without it, you will never scale to the next level. Have trust in yourself and be your client first.

Authenticity means being genuine, honest, and most importantly, being yourself as a small business owner and a leader in your field of specialty. Stop thinking about making the sale. And start focusing on building a relationship with your followers through engaging with them. Your loyal clients will chime in and act as your brand ambassadors, which is why putting a face behind the business will help you connect with your audience on a different level. Staying active on social media platforms like Instagram will keep your brand recognizable amongst its users. In doing this, you can achieve transformational success in your social media marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at a few keys areas you could improve your efforts engagement efforts.

Connecting Your Why & Your How

Instagram for business is the perfect platform to connect with a targeted audience. However, these individuals must have an interest and a need for your services or products. Researching your followers and examining their posts and comments, will help you clarify their needs. Identifying these audience requirements is an essential step in understanding how to connect with your audience and how to connect your “why” and your “how” in business. There are some who may believe social media is a bit impersonal. Especially when establishing and nurturing relationships with potential clients. In reality, when you know how to do it, you can build significant connections. Thus resulting in converting those connections into loyal clients.

When you open up discussion about your why it sends a trigger reaction of interest to your followers; tell them what gets you out of bed every morning. Why are is your organization passionate about providing a service or product and what your company core values are? Tell them what type of people you are targeting and who will benefit from your services? People have an interest in the stories behind businesses; they are often seeking a connection they can relate to it. Without trying to make a sale, connect your how with how you can help them? How will your service or product solve a pain point for them? How do you stand out from your competition? Instagram posts, videos, and live videos are ways you can express your value and purpose. Showing your compassion and personality behind your brand will create the necessary connection your audience needs.

Authenticity and Instagram Engagement Success - SoVerve Marketing Group

Following Through With Consistency

Do you ever wonder why big corporations are so successful? They all started with an idea. An idea that grew into a brand everyone can trust. Now, take a minute to consider how these corporations grew without social media years ago. For example, Starbucks opened its first store in 1971, and now they have over 26,000 stores worldwide! Traditionally, Starbucks never relied on conventional marketing and advertising techniques for promotional purposes. They were still able to generate a high level of popularity. They focused their attention on quality products, excellent customer service, consistent branding, and listening to their customers. Their recognition grew through their constant efforts in producing an outstanding brand. Using platforms like Instagram for business will bring excellent brand awareness when you apply yourself to learning about your audience.

One of the key factors to being successful at anything is consistency and follow-through. Whether it’s the time of your postings, the nature of your posts, or the voice of your content. All these factors of your page must be consistent. People follow you because there is a certain level of expectation you have set. Whether it’s content, they can relate to and look forward to reading, or videos that teach them something or increase their awareness about a topic. When you start to deviate from that level of expectations your followers lose faith in your abilities; this is why consistency is vital in creating a successful Instagram account. Implementing social media applications like Buffer gives you the ability to stay consistent across multiple social media platforms without losing your brand voice.

Sharing the Blemishes of Business, and Life

Being authentic in business also means showing your unfavorable moments. It’s real life, and no company is perfect, but not every business has the desire to share their blemishes either. When businesses only promote their strengths, it leaves their audience wondering what their weaknesses must be. When you are willing to share your shortcomings as a business owner, your audience will take notice of your compassion and openness as a small business. Listen to what your audience is saying about your business. Addressing any concerns of theirs right away is key to resolving their unsureness.

Instagram is an easy PR tool that helps you address and resolve issues openly. Will prove your compassion and willingness as a business to better your brand. Running an online small business is nothing short of hard work and stress. Having the ability to address and bounce ideas off others – such as your audience members – can be stressful as well. Consider implementing Instagram live videos; they are a great way to initiate a conversation. Sharing the blemishes of your business will not only attract others, but it will build empathy with your community.

The Value of Authenticity

As you can see being authentic in business means much more than ‘being yourself.’ It means being genuine and honest. Authenticity as a brand is your purpose and aspirations as a business owner. Whatever your vision of being authentic means to you, at least make sure it stays true to the core values of your business.

Be sure to remain consistent with your efforts and your approach to social media. Your success will come when you are as transparent as a business and can bring value to your audience.  Instagram is an excellent way to do this through consistent engagement.

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Authenticity and Instagram Engagement Success

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