Holiday Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Are you a small business looking to market your content in the holidays? Let’s face it; holiday marketing is hard- we get it. But it doesn’t have to be so long as you have the right creative content marketing tools. All you need is a little guidance and creativity, and you’re good to go!

In this blog post,  you’ll learn some great holiday content marketing tips for your small business that you can apply early on in the season without burning through your marketing resources, budgets, or creativity.

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Identify Lack of Creativity In Your Content Marketing- What’s Wrong?

If things aren’t working out for you regarding your creative content marketing, maybe you should consider why instead of sulking. After all, you can only fix a problem once you know it’s there. So, why isn’t your content doing as well as it should? We have a few suggestions to get you thinking.

Is Your Audience Engaging with Your Content?

If your audience isn’t engaging with your content, chances are it’s not tailored to your target audience. It’s probably not what they want if they’re not feeling it. But how much is enough engagement? We suggest you check your industry’s engagement benchmarks and analyze your content engagement accordingly to determine if it’s just right or a little off.

Now, if your audience doesn’t like your content, that’s a problem- and a big one! But don’t panic just yet because all you need to do is get to know your audience. As a small business, your target audience should generally be local community initiatives. So, take the time to understand your audience and then work on curating creative content your audience will likely enjoy. Tailor your content marketing strategy according to your audience and see the big numbers rolling in!

Are You Experiencing Burnout from Content Creation?

Sometimes you might run out of ideas. You want to work; you do, but you’re going through a creativity burnout. But trust us; it happens to the best of us, and it’s okay! It doesn’t have to be a problem; you need a few holiday marketing ideas to kickstart your brain. Remember that you don’t need to focus on a single content marketing format. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to add a little holiday marketing dazzle, so don’t be afraid to spice things up. Plus, the internet has ample inspiration to lend. So, what are you waiting for? Get on there and get looking because, as they say, where there is a will, there is a way!

Is Your Conversion Rate Down Across Various Platforms?

You don’t just want to work on creative content marketing- you want more customers to grow your small business. And that’s where your conversion rate comes in. Sure, you got 1000 likes on your aesthetic Instagram posts, but how many of those people went ahead and responded to your call to action? You want to wow people enough to drive more traffic to your website because, ultimately, you’re only making a profit if they purchase your product or services. And if it’s not working, maybe your creative content marketing strategy needs some work.

How to Improve Your Creative Content Marketing Strategy in the Holiday Season?

Gone are the days when small businesses could use push marketing to push their content in front of potential customers. But times have changed, and so has the marketing scene. Now, if you need to appeal to your customers, whether during the holiday season or otherwise, you will have to do more than craft suitable ads.

But wait- don’t panic just yet! It’s not the end of the world! Creative content marketing is a brilliant take on marketing, and it can work magic for your brand, no matter how much of a small business it is. Nothing keeps your small business from growing if you can execute creative content flawlessly.

Stay on Top of the Trends

Trends are a big deal, especially regarding holiday marketing for small businesses. So, hop on the bandwagon at the right time to capture everyone’s attention. We have even prepared a list to help you decide how to craft your content creation strategy for the holidays!

  • Collaborate with a blogger or influencer to give your followers a complete holiday gifting guide.
    • Share affiliate links by providing Amazon Storefront links and referrals.
  • Spread some cheer by hosting a giveaway to tell your customers how much they mean to you.
    • Encourage user-generated content by hosting a holiday-themed contest.
  • Email marketing is essential during the holidays.
    • Consider ways to incorporate a festive theme into your weekly newsletter.
  • Host live sessions to attract more people to your business.
    • This is where platforms like Instagram and Youtube shine.
  • Offer exclusive holiday and limited-time offers for the holiday season.
    • Running ads? Give those a holiday season spin as well.
  • Gift card promotions are also great around the holidays- so don’t miss out!
    • BOGO, cashback, or discount gift card deals are some of our favorites.
  • Use charitable marketing to make the holidays extra special for people who need a little love and kindness.
    • Donate a percentage of your sales profit to these people so the entire community can celebrate together.
  • And don’t forget to dress up your website, social media, and blog pages for the festivities!
    • Repurpose old popular content with a festive touch.

Work through the Content Marketing Changes Slowly

You see, creative content marketing is more than just writing blogs. Yes, blogs are a big part of content marketing, but it doesn’t just end there. There are loads of creative content marketing ideas and formats that you can opt for. Video marketing is pretty hot now, so maybe check that out. Moreover, you can also add humor to appeal to your audience- but don’t force it.

All in all, take baby steps if you must, but pay attention to creative content marketing to grab your target audience’s attention and grow your small business. Take it easy, start small but stay consistent and fine-tune your holiday marketing strategy as you go. Also, remember not to let the excitement die down once the holiday season is done and over with. We know taking a break is tempting, but if you want to grow your business, you must go all the way.

Get Creating when You Feel Most Creative

Who said you have to create content and post it right away? You can develop creative content marketing ideas well in advance- in fact, you should.

Writer’s block is a thing, and though sometimes it might feel like there’s not much you can do to overcome it, you can plan to avoid any unnecessary last-minute breakdowns. Life is full of ups and downs, so use it to your advantage when you’re up! Use the extra flair to create more content whenever you’re creative. Focus on creating more content on your good days because it’s easier. Besides, you don’t have to work all the time. It’s alright to take a break every once in a while. Get work done when you’re happy because you’re bound to perform better. Thus, the bottom line is that you need to work harder and get creative when you feel most creative- seize your moment and let your inner Picasso run wild!

Up-Level Your Creative Muscle & Beat Content Burnout

But does this mean you have to wait for happy days before you can think of creative content marketing ideas?

Not! Instead, it would be best if you tried to connect with your creative side. If you need to be cheerful to get working, think happy thoughts to foster positive vibes. Maybe you could even chat with your favorite person to get ‘in the mood.’ The point is, you need to condition your brain to get creative even if it doesn’t feel like it- remember who’s boss! As they say, think better to feel better. So, take a step back if you must but come back stronger and create great content for your small business.

Create creative content ideas to match the holiday excitement and prepare your audience for the festivities. For example, write a blog post on decorating your Christmas tree with products purchased from your small business or making Thanksgiving extra special by ordering from your restaurant! Take it as an opportunity to promote your business but don’t go overboard– be subtle about it.

Consider Creating Less Content with Higher Quality

Consistency is important, no doubt, but what’s the point in creating loads of content that is just trash? Remember that quality should always be your number one priority. As we said, take baby steps but do it right. Make less content but never compromise on quality. With time, you will, hopefully, be able to curate more creative content for your small business, but for now, focus on producing quality, creative content.

Focus on the Highest Forms of Creative Content Marketing ROI

And through it all, you need to keep a close eye on your insights and focus on content with a higher return on investment(ROI) because you need customers and not just likes and followers to grow your small business. See what works and what doesn’t, and work on putting out the best content you can. So long as you work to reach your target audience in a way that appeals to them, we guarantee your small business won’t stay small for long.

What’s The Takeaway?

Holiday marketing can be challenging for small businesses with little to no marketing experience. But that doesn’t mean you must miss out on holiday marketing opportunities. Use our tips for creative content marketing to up your holiday marketing game and grow your small business like a pro!

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