Green Monday & Last-Minute Shoppers

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It seems like every day is a holiday season sales event at this time of year. From Black Friday to Giving Tuesday, there’s always something for us small business owners to think about. It makes things pretty exciting!

The latest addition to the list is Green Monday. Have you never heard of it? No problem – we’re here to help with the ultimate Green Monday guide to help you target those last-minute shoppers.

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Is Green Monday a Thing? What is it exactly?

Green Monday is a thing. Sometimes referred to as Manic Monday (a bit too panic-inducing for us!), Green Monday is the second Monday in December and is one of the most lucrative sales for retailers.

EBay first coined the term in the olden days of 2007, when this was the last day you could order online for delivery before Christmas. While this is no longer true, the day remains one of the biggest days in the holiday rush.

Why ‘green’? Well, this refers to the money spent and the fact that online shopping tends to be better for the environment.

How to Use Green Monday to Target Last-Minute Shoppers

So now we’re all on the same page, let’s start thinking about a Green Monday strategy. This is a Green Monday how-to guide to help you tick all the boxes for the upcoming event.

Take Advantage of the “Sense of Urgency”

Let’s face it; if people are still working through the shopping list this far into December, they’re probably starting to worry about whether they will get everything done. The super-organized among us will already be done and smugly relaxing by now, so it’s those last-minute shoppers you want to speak to.

So one of our top Green Monday marketing tips is to enhance the sense of urgency. Show a Christmas countdown on your website or app (if you have one) to remind your customers how much time they have left before the big day. This is a guaranteed way to get them shopping.

It’s also worth having limited-time-only campaigns. Often Green Monday sales are only 24 hours – highlight this in your promotion to motivate people to buy. Use your social media channels before to count down to the start of the campaign in a creative way to get your customers on the edge of their seats for the deals. ‘Sneak peaks’ at the deals also help build anticipation and momentum! Doing these with customer loyalty programs also strengthens your relationships with loyal customers.

Then visibly countdown to the end of the offers on your website, emails, and social media. This is a compelling call to action for your customers, as they won’t want to miss out.

Another way to play on this sense of urgency is to show stock figures and encourage shoppers to hurry and buy before they run out. Of course, if you’re well-prepared, you won’t run out, but it’s an excellent way to give potential customers the nudge they need.

Finally, remember to tell customers what’s happening. If you haven’t heard of Green Monday, shoppers will unlikely have. Having a clear campaign reminds those last-minute shoppers that they need to get a move on if they want to have all the presents under the tree!

Combine with Super Saturday

Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas, is a day that all last-minute shoppers dread. Because Green Monday is mainly online retail, while Super Saturday is more applicable for brick-and-mortar retailers, they’re the dream team for Christmas procrastinators.

When preparing your Green Monday marketing, consider combining it with your Super Saturday campaigns. If you have an email list, send the information on both campaigns, showing that people can get the deals online on Green Monday and in-store on Super Saturday.

Think about offering deals on related items so that if customers buy something on Green Monday, they can get discounts on three related items on Super Saturday. This means your Green Monday shoppers will plan to return to you for further deals on Super Saturday, guaranteeing higher sales.

Highlight to your customers that these days are their final opportunity to get such fantastic deals and discounts.

Play Up Shipment Delivery Dates

Nowadays, we don’t need to leave ten days for delivery time when shopping online, but things are still busy at Christmas, and consumers will want to know that their purchases will arrive on time. Give clear shipment delivery dates to highlight how efficient your services are.

That’s why a big part of your Green Monday marketing should focus on delivery dates, assuring last-minute buyers that their gifts will be there before Christmas. If it’s an option for your business, consider using Green Monday to offer free or discounted next-day delivery to prompt purchases and remove the risk of shopping cart abandonment.

Ensure these kinds of deals are showcased on your website so customers know before they even start searching on your site that they’ll get everything on time. Integrate these promotions into your site and social media design with easy-to-read banners, images, and profile pictures.

Show Empathy to Procrastinators + Last-Minute Shoppers

Of course, we can do plenty for Green Monday to draw in those last-minute shoppers but make sure it comes from an empathic place. The holiday season is stressful for everyone; show your customers you understand.

Use phrases in your marketing to encourage them, reminding them that with your help, they can tick off the last few items on their list and then relax and enjoy the festivities. In this way, Green Monday can be a positive event to help everyone wrap up their shopping (no pun intended!).

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