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In this episode, I’m discussing all things “microservices” and how they can be used to drive lead generation. I will also cover the benefits of microservices for lead generation, the technical aspects of creating microservices, and how they can be integrated into your existing marketing strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned small business owner offering B2B services or a marketing professional, this episode will provide valuable insights on leveraging microservices to improve your lead generation efforts and keep those led gen pipelines healthy! Thank you for tuning in.


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Stephanie Rubio: [00:00:00] Welcome to The SoVerve Lounge, a podcast for modern entrepreneurs focusing on digital marketing ecosystems for small businesses. I’m your caffeinated host, CEO, and Marketing Director, Stephanie Rubio, bringing you weekly marketing tips, small business advice, and kick-ass interviews from like-minded entrepreneurs like you. Enjoy the show.

Welcome back to the show, and thank you so much for tuning in. Today’s conversation is going to be about bite-sized portable services, and I’m talking to the service providers in the community today. So if you are a service provider, I want you to tune in, pay attention to our conversation today because there’s going to be some major nuggets that I’m dropping regarding.

What you should be doing today, this week, this [00:01:00] month, in order to get leads and secure leads in the door. So if you’re someone that’s struggling to secure leads for your business, I really want you to pay attention to today’s episode.

I had a colleague come to me regarding difficulties that she was experiencing in securing projects right now, specifically this quarter in her business, and this is Quarter 2, 2023, right? And so while a recession hasn’t officially been named here in the U.S, there is an inflation that is definitely affecting the way that people move, the decisions that they’re making, and how they’re investing and spending their money, and this is, 100%, also, including small business owners, small businesses, entrepreneurs in how they invest in areas of marketing.

If you’re a service provider and you’re offering a marketing [00:02:00] services service right now, you may be one of the many who is experiencing difficulties in securing these leads, right? So, I wanna talk to you about bite-sized portable services, okay? And this is something that I’ve implemented on and off. I have implemented this always in my business. And basically, what a portable service or a bitesize portable service is, is securing a lead by allowing them to experience your service in a bitesize format that doesn’t necessarily come attached with a bias that if they choose not to move forward with a bigger project with you, they can either hold onto that information and then maybe turn it around later [00:03:00] or even with someone else and I know it sounds very difficult.

I’ll tell you what, when my mother was, my mother’s now retired, but when she was working as an interior designer, specifically a custom drapery designer, so my mother had a consultation that was free. My mother would offer free consultations where she would travel. Not like nowadays where a lot of us offer consultations that are paid but remote. So she would off offer free consultations where she would go to someone’s property, often residential, sometimes commercial, and she would sit down with the client, the customer; they would talk about what the customer needed as far as custom drapery, and my mom oftentimes would give them [00:04:00] information about the type of drapery, the type of fabrics at the end of the consultation. They would sometimes also talk color, fabric types, styles, et cetera. Oftentimes the client or customer would ask my mother for a design. My mother would sketch something quickly, and then the customer would say, “Well, can I have that drawing?” At that time, my mother would say, “Well, what I can give you is a quote and a payment, you know, payment terms, but I cannot leave the design. I cannot leave my notes until once the deposit for the project has been paid and cleared, and a contract has been signed,” and it’s sort of like that same concept but reversed.

Now, like I said, a lot of us offer paid consultations. Many [00:05:00] of us offer discovery calls as well, but in the paid version of consultations, now you can, it doesn’t, you know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a consultation. You can offer an audit. You can offer. A strategy session, whatever have you. Right? But bite-size. And that’s in essence what these are. So if you have a client that’s coming to you that says, I want a website redesign. Let’s suppose we’re looking at four. Maybe even five figures for a website redesign nowadays, instead of offering the client, you know, here’s my pricing to the, you know, all those details, and then having the client walk away, there’s options for you to break that project down to where you can retain the client and give them a bite-size of what your [00:06:00] offer is.

Get them in the door, have them experience what it is to work with you and then have this service be portable to where if the client says, okay, that’s it. That’s as much as I can do right now. Or the client can then say, I’m gonna take this elsewhere. Now, at that moment, you have got to be 100% okay with them walking away more often than not. They’ve already spent maybe five, 700, $900 with you to where they feel good. Right? And then obviously you’re offering great service. You’re provi, you’re, you’re awing them. Okay. To where they’re gonna continue to spend with you. Maybe not right away, maybe a couple weeks down the line, maybe a couple months down the line, but they’ve already had a leg in to work with you.

You’ve discovered the client. That’s why we call these discovery calls too sometimes, [00:07:00] we’re sitting down and having conversations we need, we’re discovering what it is that they need. How it is that we can, how we can help them, if we can help them, and how we can create a mutually beneficial partnership to where we can collaborate with the client in this way and so that’s why these mini bite-size services or service offerings work in a state where we are right now, where there’s a lot of economic uncertainty. Okay, because the last thing that you wanna do, Is have that lead pipeline go completely stale. That is the last thing that you want to do right now or especially if you’re in marketing.

And I’m, I’m gonna now talk to the marketers. If you’re in marketing, one of the things that you wanna look at is now you’re gonna have a hard time putting on that c e o have because the CEO in you is gonna say whatever it takes. And then in the midst of all of that is [00:08:00] the entrepreneur in you, you who’s saying, “What about my brand is having these type of clients healthy for my brand,” whatever worked in last year or the year before or the year before in business may not work right now. And part of our job as entrepreneurs and small business owners is to find ways to make things work for us and find ways to keep the doors of our businesses open because we cannot sit and say, I’m gonna offer a service at, at a high five-figure, or at a, you know, a high four-figure, let’s say, just to be average and that’s it and whoever wants to work with me is gonna work with me. And if they don’t wanna work with me, they don’t get to work with me.

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That is not positive for anyone. Cause you are basically closing the door to potential clients. Again, it’s not that clients are not, it’s not that they don’t have the money and this, and that’s really the mindset shift that I feel a lot of people are going to have to. Understand, it’s not that a lot of people do not have the money to spend right now, especially if it’s a small business owner who’s coming to you for a service or a customer or client coming to you for a service. As a small business owner, you cannot assume ever what the client’s [00:11:00] financial position is. It’s not our job to say, oh, this person cannot afford my service. I think the idea that. There’s no money or there’s no, financially, people just cannot afford a service. Right now, that’s not true. People can because they’re spending it on iPads, they’re spending it on, you know, cars, vacations.

It’s important for you to understand that people are still spending money. It’s just they’re being hypervigilant in how they spend their money, and I just feel like what a lot of. Entrepreneurs are doing now where they’re, they’re just throwing their hands up. I don’t think that that is the right attitude, and I don’t think it’s very beneficial. It is hard, a hundred percent. Facts. It’s very difficult. If you do not have a very tight and clean lead pipeline [00:12:00] right now, it is very, very difficult. They, they say that scarcity is a mother of, of invention is, is the quote, so, Get creative with how you’re, you’re marketing your business, obviously, but then also get creative with the offerings. Get creative with the offerings.

If you used to offer paid consultations with just a one-on-one call, how about you offer then the recording? How about you offer a P D F outline of what that looks like? You, you have to have more of an exchange. But condensed bite sizes of what it would look like to work with you, and I guarantee you, you will begin to experience leads coming in. What you cannot do is say, I will do the website for you at a thousand dollars, or I will do the website for you at [00:13:00] $500. See, that’s a completely different scenario, and that’s not where we wanna get into.

What we need is to bite-size the big projects. Right, the big strategies, and again, I’m talking to the service providers, specifically the marketers, because I’m getting a lot of questions. Specifically, like I said, specifically this, this colleague came to me with this question and I had I told her, I said, “listen, I’m gonna share what I just told you.” I’m gonna share it on the podcast cause it was so good such a good conversation. And, and I know she walked away , refreshed, I know she walked away feeling empowered, and so I wanna do the same for you.

I want you to really take a look at what it is that you’re offering and how you’re offering it. Because if you’re saying to someone, okay, yeah, the only way you can work with me is if you pay me $2,500, and that’s it. How about, okay, so what do I, can I get something for an hour instead of. Six weeks cause I don’t need six weeks, I [00:14:00] mean, I just wanna see what it would look like before I make this big investment again. In the space that we’re traveling in, specifically marketing, in the marketing field, we have now also experienced a lot of layoffs.

So there’s a lot of people that are also competing now. For small business owners because they’ve entered the entrepreneurship game, and that’s something also to consider.
There were, I mean, we’re looking at thousands of people that are now. They, they’ve said, you know what? I don’t wanna work marketing for a big corporation. I’m gonna work marketing for myself. So if you are in this field, I want to say to you that if you’re having a hard time generating leads, consider bite. Size offerings and then offerings that are also portable.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Let me know if you have any questions. Write to us at hello@soverve.com. If you have any questions regarding this combo [00:15:00] in the subject line, just say bite-sized and you are gonna get a free gift. So go ahead and send me an email if you have any questions if you’re listening to this and we’ll chat soon. Bye.

Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with others via social media or by leaving a review. To catch all the latest from me, come follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at @stephanievrubio. For more information on the show, please visit soverve.com/podcast. Thanks again, and I’ll see you next time.

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